2019 Conference Schedule

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Check-in. Continental breakfast.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast, check out the Vendors & network with colleagues in preparation for a day of inspiration.

Opening Panel Discussion - Designing for a Sustainable Future, Today in a Climate of Change (1 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Mark Biedron, Michael Farewell FAIA, LEED AP, Lia Nielsen LEED GA, WELL AP, Jason Kliwinski, Lyle Rawlings

Hear from the perspectives of an Owner, Architect, Engineer & Materials Specialist on the present and future of design & construction trends to both mitigate and deal with the affects of Climate Change.

Session 1

Progressive Passive House Design and Construction (1.5 AIA HSW/GBCI CEU pending)

Shawn Torbert, LEED AP, CPHC/D

Tour of the Willow School: Focus on Materials (1.5 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Michael Farewell FAIA, LEED AP

Biophilia: Bringing Nature into Design (1.5 AIA HSW/GBCI CEU pending)

Catie Ryan Balagtas

Alphabet Soup: Navigating the Plethora of Green Building Ratings (1.5 AIA/LEED Specific CEU pending)

Jason Kliwinski, Faith Taylor

The Green Business Certification Institute has assembled a comprehensive suite of certifications such as WELL, TRUE, SITE, PEER, & GRSBE, spearheaded by LEED and its latest version 4.1. Learn how it all fits together and the new unifying platform for certifications and ongoing performance tracking ARC.


Session 2

Cutting Edge Renewable Technology (1.25 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Lyle Rawlings

What's the Best Choice? The Future of Green Materials (1.25 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Lia Nielsen LEED GA, WELL AP

Tour of the Willow School: Focus on Human Experience (1.25 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Michael Farewell FAIA, LEED AP

LEEDing Where? TRUE & WELL V2, the Next Big Things (1.25 AIA/LEED Specific CEU pending)

Michael Buono

Session 3

Real Time Tracking: ARC, Building Envelope and Monitoring-based Commissioning (1 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Gerry Timothy PE, CCP, CBCP, QCxP, Kevin Day, PE, CEM, CCP, LEED AP

Green Materials: How Local Manufacturers are Meeting Sustainability and Transparency Demands (1 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Sean Ragiel, Rochelle Samuels

The Human Experience: Designing for Human Health and Growth (1 AIA HSW/GBCI CEU pending)

Michael Farewell FAIA, LEED AP

Tour of the Willow School: Focus on LEED and Living Building Challenge Certifications (1 AIA/LEED Specific CEU pending)

Mark Biedron

Closing Keynote (1 AIA/GBCI CEU pending)

Mark Biedron